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JICA is working on activities by strengthening cooperation with various stakeholders in order to contribute to the achievement of SDGs. One of these activities, the JICA Fund for People around the World, encourages citizens to participate in international cooperation through donations, and uses the donations as financial resources to support international cooperation activities conducted by NGOs / CSOs. Through donations, we would like to convey your thoughts to people in developing countries and contribute together toward the realization of a peaceful and prosperous world.supportDestination

Disable Art AssociationsupportDestination

I think we need a place where people with disabilities can send their art works more easily, more freely, and more naturally, and a mechanism that allows them to get even a little financial compensation through their creative activities. The Disability Art Association is working to create this place and mechanism. The Art Association for Persons with Disabilities will work to deliver the joy of transmitting works to society and having them seen by many people, and the joy of earning financial compensation through creative activities, to as many people as possible with disabilities.supportDestination

A Dream A Day in TokyosupportDestination 

In Japan, there are more than 700 so-called intractable children's diseases for which the cause is unknown and no cure has been established, and about 150,000 children are fighting the intractable diseases nationwide. Children who overcome illness and grow up Many children who fight intractable illness cannot fulfill their natural desires such as going to school, playing with friends, and going on a trip. It will be very sad not only for you but also for your family. We have set up and operated accommodations in Tokyo to help children and their families who are fighting intractable diseases travel together, have new experiences and have a good time. I'm helping.supportDestination

© Florian Lems/MSF


MSF is a private, non-profit medical and humanitarian organization operating in approximately 70 countries and territories around the world. We provide emergency medical assistance to people at risk in conflict areas, areas affected by natural disasters, and poor areas from an independent, neutral, and impartial standpoint.supportDestination

© World Vision

World Vision JapansupportDestination

World Vision is the world's largest international NGO officially recognized and registered by the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Based on the spirit of Christianity, we work in about 100 countries around the world for children suffering from poverty and conflict.supportDestination

Animal DonationsupportDestination

Animal Donation creates a place to connect support through donations in order to create a society where people and animals can live happily together as good partners. We are working to raise the animal welfare of Japan to the world's top level in cooperation with related organizations, experts and companies for the animals we love.supportDestination

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